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Apprenticeship Programs in Alabama

Alabama Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

Building Trades Alliance – This union affiliated organization is a dedicated non-partisan, that focuses on attracting people to careers in the building trades; the training of individuals for productive careers; and in helping direct skilled labor to geographic areas and jobs where their talents are needed. A union apprenticeship will pay you to learn and provide on-the-job training to build your successful career.

Alabama Office of Apprenticeships – The mission of this organization is to expand the use of registered apprenticeships (RAs) and Alabama industry recognized apprenticeship programs (AIRAPs) for providing high-quality career training. Their partnerships include many industry and business entities in the state.

Central Six Alabama Works – This organization’s vision is to nurture a workforce that is proactive, responsive, and results-driven and supports the region’s diverse population and employers. Advanced manufacturing technicians use innovative technologies to produce high-quality products and supplies for a variety of industries.

Apprenticeship Programs in Alaska

Alaska Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

Alaska Apprenticeship Training Coordinators Association – This organization is comprised of more than 16 different union construction crafts. Offered are many options and opportunities to learn a skill and help you into a career in construction.

Alaska Maritime Apprenticeship Program – Industry sponsored, the mission is to increase Alaskan hire in the maritime industry while meeting the subsistence needs of the Alaskan lifestyle. Offered is a multi-employer, 3-tiered apprenticeship program with different pathways for apprentices to grow: deck side, engine room and galley/kitchen. Each tier allows the apprentice to grow into the next tier as they gain certifications and sea time.

Apprenticeship Programs in Arizona

Arizona Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

Arizona Building and Construction Trades Council – No matter which trade interests you, this organization has a member training program that will enable you to set the foundation for a successful career while earning a competitive salary and getting real-world experience. Listed on this organization’s website is quite a lengthy list of apprenticeship opportunities.

Arizona@Work – This is a statewide workforce development network that helps employers of all sizes and types recruit, develop and retain the best employees for their needs. Arizona@Work offers a variety of training opportunities and registered apprenticeship programs.

Apprenticeship Programs in Arkansas

Arkansas Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

Arkansas Apprenticeships Directory – This website offers a great listing of apprenticeships along with a search tool so you can set specific search parameters.

Arkansas Division of Workforce, Apprenticeships – This is an office within the Arkansas Department of Commerce that is responsible for aligning career and technical education programs with the skills needed by business and industry. Featured are apprenticeships for adults, students, employers and construction education programs.

Apprenticeship Programs in California

California Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

California Career Center, Earn While You Learn – In California alone, there are 1,400 apprenticeship programs serving 73,000 apprentices. Pre-apprenticeships are available in some California high schools, as well.

California Apprenticeship Coordinators Association – This registered apprenticeship system of training is unique in that it is the only formal, structured, and nationally recognized education and training program available that combines the two most common forms of career and occupational learning: classroom instruction with on-the-job training.

Tradeswomen – This organization represents one of California’s first organizations for women in the trades and continues to be one of the most active and effective organizations in the nation focused exclusively on the needs of women in the skilled trades.

California Apprenticeship Initiative, Hub – This organization is a unique non-profit that supports the Community College system through diverse and far-reaching programs that touch on key issues in California and throughout the nation, including workforce development, student success, air quality, technology, healthcare, and learning programs for at-risk students.

Trades Council of California, State Building and Construction – The Trades Council of CA provides opportunities to give participants a leg up in understanding the crafts, gaining safety certificates, and being able to prepare for a successful apprenticeship.

Apprenticeship Programs in Colorado

Colorado Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

Build Colorado – Listed on this webpage of the Build Colorado website are details of the wide variety of formal apprenticeships and higher education programs that are offered in Colorado.

CareerWise Colorado – CareerWise works with the school districts to create the framework for an applied-learning environment that meets district standards, recruits students, ensure apprentice work and school schedules are optimized, and acts as an intermediary to ensure a streamlined experience.

Colorado Springs Utilities – The programs sponsored by partnership with The University of Spring Utilities are certified by the Department of Labor (DOL) and Veteran’s Administration (VA), and incorporate self-study, technical training, and on-the-job learning to enhance craft and trade skills.

Apprenticeship Programs in Connecticut

Connecticut Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

Build Connecticut – The organizations listed on this website have been approved by the State of Connecticut as apprenticeship sponsors. You can view Connecticut Building Construction Trade Apprenticeship Programs via this .pdf file.

Connecticut Manufacturing Innovation Fund – Apprenticeships and training programs sponsored by this organization are specifically designed for the needs of Connecticut’s most advanced industries, including aerospace, clean energy and biotechnology.

Connecticut Technical Education and Career System, Adult Apprenticeship Programs – Programs offered by this organization provide adult apprentices with a comprehensive knowledge of their selected career. They learn on the job while working under the supervision of an experienced journey-person and will be registered with an approved sponsor.

Apprenticeship Programs in Delaware

Delaware Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

Delaware Pathways to Apprenticeships – DE P2A is a non-profit organization that seeks to end intergenerational poverty by providing access to opportunities for transformational apprenticeships in the building trades that lead to solid middle-class careers. Individuals are recruited for this opportunity from low-income communities-including, but not limited to, the formerly incarcerated, people on public assistance, and people who live in public housing -to be accepted into and succeed in construction union apprentice programs in Delaware.

Delaware Skills Center, Electrical Trades – The Delaware Skills Center (a Division of the New Castle County Vocational Technical School District) is an adult vocational technical training center committed to providing skills training that creates a pathway to a rewarding career.

Apprenticeship Programs in Florida

Florida Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

Apprentice Florida – Apprentice Florida is a partnership between the Florida Department of Education, the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity and CareerSource Florida. This organization encourages and assists businesses in establishing apprenticeships and educating individuals about pursuing careers through apprenticeships.

Northeast Florida Builders Association, Construction Trades Apprenticeship Program – NEFBA offers a quality construction apprenticeship program for the construction workforce to meet the needs of our community’s industry employers and workforce to enhance the quality of life in Northeast Florida.

Apprenticeship FLA – This website offers apprenticeship opportunities throughout the state. It is led by the Department of Economic Opportunity in collaboration with CareerSource Florida and the Florida Department of Education.

Apprenticeship Programs in Georgia

Georgia Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

Georgia DOE, Youth Apprenticeship Program – Through a coordinated effort involving business and industry, Youth Apprenticeship addresses the dual role of preparing students for the world of work and providing Georgia with a highly skilled, technologically competitive workforce. The program enables a student to receive a high school diploma, a post-secondary certificate or degree, and certification of industry-recognized competencies applicable to employment in a high-skilled occupation.

Georgia TRADE UP – TRADE-UP is an eight-week training and testing prep and apprenticeship program preparing participants for jobs and successful careers in construction and green economies.

Get Into Energy Georgia, Apprenticeships – GEICC partners with organizations to support specific registered apprenticeship programs. Visit this website to see the list of partner organizations and use the link for each to explore apprenticeship opportunities.

Apprenticeship Programs in Hawaii

Hawaii Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

City and County of Honolulu, Trades Apprenticeships – The following skilled trades available have apprenticeship programs: pipefitter, fleet mechanic III, line electrician, plant electrical/electronic equipment operator, and traffic signal electrician. Apprentices receive hands-on experience and apply classroom lessons to their trade.

ABC Hawaii – The Hawaii Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors was founded in 1989 to represent Merit Shop contractors throughout the State of Hawaii. ABC Hawaii currently represents over 170 member contractors, suppliers and service providers.
ABC Hawaii encourages stronger participation by women and minorities in the construction industry through business outreach, career recruitment, mentor-protege and work force management and apprenticeship training activities.

Hawaii Carpenters Apprenticeships and Training Fund – While attending community college classes, apprentices will receive on-the-job training. The apprentices will be working for those companies and contractors that are participants in the Hawaii Carpenters Apprenticeship and Training Fund.

Apprenticeship Programs in Idaho

Idaho Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

Idaho Power, Apprenticeships – Idaho Power offers eight different training programs, all recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor Office of Apprenticeship. These apprenticeships opportunities include lineman, station tech, meter tech, line operations, relay tech, communication tech, general specialist and general tech.

Idaho Workers Opportunity Network, Apprenticeships – This organization is a partnership between the Idaho AFL-CIO and the Idaho Department of Labor. Their objective is to expand the working knowledge of registered apprenticeships in the state of Idaho. They function as the bridge between the labor industry and the apprentice, paving a way for high paying careers in the skilled trades.

Idaho Shakespeare Festival, Apprenticeship Program – A one-of-a-kind 10-week program….so says ISF of its summer apprenticeship opportunity. The ISF School of Theater invites those interested to audition for the Apprentice Company (via video, see on their website).

Apprenticeship Programs in Illinois

Illinois Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

Steppenwolf Apprenticeships – The apprenticeship experience offered by this ensemble theater organization is a paid training program for early-career arts administrators and theatre production practitioners. Participants are given practical learning experiences and independent and collective projects, all while working as a part of a team with Steppenwolf’s staff.

Build Illinois, Apprenticeships – The goal of Build ILLINOIS is to educate students on the benefits of choosing a career in construction. Apprenticeships may be explored by region: Chicagoland area, Northern Illinois, Southern Illinois.

Chicago Shakespeare Theater On Navy Pier, Apprenticeships – This Regional Tony Award-winning theater’s year-round season features as many as twenty productions and 650 performances. Apprenticeship opportunities include costume shop, stage crew and sound department.

Apprenticeship Illinois – Apprenticeship Illinois utilizes partnerships and technology to expand seamless and real-time access to workforce development resources aimed at individuals, employers, and workforce/education partners.

Apprenticeship Programs in Indiana

Indiana Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

Indiana State Pipe Trades Association – This just might be the highly rewarding career path you were looking for. If you are an individual who is motivated to learn the piping trade and become an active member of a proud and noble trade union, check out this organization’s website and apprenticeship opportunities.

Indiana Career Ready – The Office of Work-Based Learning and Apprenticeship serves to develop and implement a framework of various work-based learning pathways for both youth and adult populations. You can contact them via their online form to express your interest in an apprenticeship opportunity.

Indiana AFL CIO, Apprenticeships – Explore the building and construction trades apprenticeship programs apprenticeship programs on this website all registered with government agencies, operated by sponsors representing labor and management organizations and funded through collectively bargained contributions to tax-exempt trust funds.

Apprenticeship Programs in Iowa

Iowa Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

Iowa Earn-and-Learn Apprenticeship Programs – Search the Iowa registered apprenticeship programs by occupation title. Then, click on the title to learn more and find sponsors for that occupation. You can use the filters to focus the results to your needs.

Des Moines Electrical Apprenticeship – This organization provides training for over 300 electrical apprentices and 1400 Journeylevel electricians. Their aim is to provide the electrical industry with the most professionally trained and highly skilled workforce possible.

Iowa Economic Development, Apprenticeships – In Iowa there are more than 1,000 occupations eligible for apprenticeship training grants, from accounting specialists to nurses. Iowa is committed to supporting registered apprenticeship programs and increasing the number of registered apprentices in Iowa. Explore their website to understand how to register and secure your apprenticeship opportunity.

Apprenticeship Programs in Kansas

Kansas Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

Kansas Works, Apprenticeships – Thousands of employers across many industries in Kansas, including construction and commercial trades to healthcare, offer apprenticeships for job seekers. The customizable program improves the skills and competencies of apprentices through on-the-job training, in turn leading to their higher productivity rate.

Kansas State Board of Mortuary Arts – The mission of the Kansas State Board of Mortuary Arts is to ensure that licensees perform their professional services in a manner providing maximum protection of the health, safety and welfare for the people of Kansas. In consideration of that mission, apprenticeships focus to support education and training of prospective licensees of the profession.

McCarter Theatre Center, Apprenticeships – This theatre organization’s apprenticeship program is designed to empower tomorrow’s theater professionals to develop in their chosen field. They immerse their apprentices into the work of McCarter Theatre productions in a deep, vital, and mutually beneficial way to help to foster thriving and passion in the theater community.

Apprenticeship Programs in Kentucky

Kentucky Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

Kentucky DOE, Tech Ready Apprentices for Careers in Kentucky – TRACK is a youth apprenticeship program partnership between the Kentucky Department of Education’s Office of Career and Technical Education and the Kentucky Office of Apprenticeship to provide secondary students with career pathway opportunities into registered apprenticeship programs.

Kentucky Pipe Trades, Apprenticeship – Kentucky Pipe Trades Association apprentices must work the same hours as journeyworkers, plus attend classes. This can be a highly rewarding career path for an individual who is motivated to learn the piping trade and become an active member of a proud and noble Kentucky Pipe Trades Association union.

Build Kentucky, Apprenticeships – Joining in the realm of community college apprenticeship programs, many organizations in Kentucky also help workers develop the skills needed to compete more effectively in today’s job market by offering pre-apprenticeship classroom instruction. This classroom instruction is designed to teach the basic skills needed in order to complete an apprenticeship program. Take a look at this website’s list of construction apprenticeship opportunities.

Apprenticeship Programs in Louisiana

Louisiana Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

Apprenticeship Louisiana – Currently, there are approximately 60 registered apprenticeship programs in various traditional and non-traditional industries; and approximately 3,600 apprentices enrolled in registered programs throughout the State of Louisiana. Visit this website to understand the “earn and learn” strategy as well as explore the apprenticeship options in Louisiana.

Louisiana Workforce Commission, Apprenticeships – Go to this webpage of the Louisiana Workforce Commission website to find a list of links that will provide information and guidance relative to an apprenticeship opportunity.

Apprenticeship Programs in Maine

Maine Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

Maine State Music Theater, Apprenticeships – MSMT puts apprentices to work alongside an accomplished company of artists, administrators, and designers. In addition to working within their specific department, apprentices are encouraged to engage with other departments and learn about other areas of the theatre throughout their time in the program. Visit their website and see a full list of opportunities.

Maine Building Trades, Apprenticeship Programs – With a surge of construction in Maine, apprentice training at MSBCTC leads young workers to good paying jobs with benefits. MSBCTC works with developers, contractors, city governments and non-profits to continually increase the number of union opportunities in Maine so there will be future employment for apprentice graduates.

Real Work Matters, 10 Best Trade and Vocation Schools in Maine – Affordability, flexibility and graduate success on the workforce are three of the most important college characteristics, according to most students. This organization gathered data on those points from the U.S. Department of Education and other reliable sources and ranked the best trade and vocational schools in Maine according to their scores. Check out the list on their website.

Apprenticeship Programs in Maryland

Maryland Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

Maryland Apprenticeship Ambassador Program – The Maryland DOL sponsors this program which serves as an incentive program that raises awareness about registered apprenticeships and encourages job seekers and businesses to engage in apprenticeship opportunities. There is a wealth of information on this website covering all aspects of the apprenticeship opportunity.

Olney Theater Centre, Apprenticeships – Olney Theatre Center is a Teaching Theater, committed to training the next generation of theatre makers and committed to providing these training opportunities for individuals of all backgrounds and identities.

Apprenticeship Maryland – Sponsored by the Maryland DOE, Apprenticeship Maryland is a youth apprenticeship program for students, ages 16 and up, that is designed to lead to sustainable employment and further education based on career pathways in manufacturing and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) occupations or other occupations within the CTE Career Clusters.

Apprenticeship Programs in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

Massachusetts Building Trades Council, Apprenticeships – Challenging apprenticeship programs instill integrity, work ethic and pride in each and every union craftsperson. And, many apprentice programs offer college credit. Union apprentices spend two to five years in the classroom and on-the-job training. Use this website to find your training center on their map.

Constructing MA, Pre-Apprenticeship Programs – Are you interested in a construction career, but don’t know how to get started? Through a six-week experience, this pre-apprenticeship opportunity can help you learn about the industry, practice your hands-on skills, and compete for apprenticeship program openings in a registered union apprenticeship program.

Apprenticeship Programs in Michigan

Michigan Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

Michigan Construction Careers, Apprenticeship Directory – Contact the appropriate representative listed on this organization’s website to explore the potential of an apprenticeship in a multitude of construction areas (such as electrical workers, elevator construction, iron workers, laborers, painters, roofers and many more).

Barn Theatre, School for Advanced Theatre Training, Apprenticeships – This is a union theatre organization. The apprentices become an integral part of the company performing in main stage shows, not student shows. Apprentices can and do get lead roles working opposite Equity (union) members. As well, apprentices get an all-around theatre experience — having duties backstage/technically as well as performing.

MI Apprenticeship – Explore your apprenticeship options by Searching through the types of occupations available and find which jobs and industries interest you most.

Apprenticeship Programs in Minnesota

Minnesota Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

Minnesota Building Trades, Apprenticeships – There are currently over 10,000 women and men participating in a Building Trades apprenticeship in Minnesota. Registered apprenticeship programs train and develop craftworkers over 2-5 years who are fully competent in all aspects of an occupation including knowledge, skills, and safety on the job.

Construction Career Pathways, Apprenticeship Programs – Minnesota’s apprenticeship system offers an opportunity for a person to enter the construction industry at a high-wage through on-the-job training and classroom instruction. The earn-while-you-learn system enables individuals to move to the top of the wage scale in three to five years.

Apprenticeship Programs in Mississippi

Mississippi Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

Mississippi Works – This organization connects apprenticeships to career and technical education training programs within the state’s community college system whereby the apprentices will receive both college credit hours and wages for their training.

Mississippi Construction Education Foundation – MCEF is a non-union apprenticeship training sponsor with the U. S. Department of Labor (USDOL) that combines paid, on-the-job training with related instruction in the following construction trades.

Apprenticeship Programs in Missouri

Missouri Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

Franklin Apprenticeships – Named in honor of Benjamin Franklin, a leader who began his professional life as an apprentice. Franklin Apprentices recognize the value in learning by doing, honing both skills and knowledge, not only for self-advancement but also for national prosperity. Offered are pre-apprenticeship programs which will provide participants with foundational IT knowledge and skills and help candidates determine if they have the aptitude and mindset for a technology career.

Builder’s Association, Missouri, Apprenticeship Programs – The Builders Association Training Center in North Kansas City, MO is home to many apprenticeship training programs including bricklayers; cement finishers; glaziers; ironworkers; painters; plasterers; pointer, caulker, cleaners; and tile, marble, terrazzo finishers.

Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Apprenticeships – From cosmetology to plumbing, a whole span of industries require licensure. Obtaining a license in Missouri is a costly and time-consuming barrier for many Missourians. Apprenticeship programs provide an alternative path so that rather than paying thousands of dollars and leaving the workforce to complete the education, workers can get hands-on experience, learn the necessary skills and, in many cases, get paid for that training,

Apprenticeship Programs in Montana

Montana Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

Montana Space Grant Consortium – Here is an opportunity for Montana students at all member institutions working in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) to receive funding to work on a major research project with an advisor on their campus. Apprenticeships are the next steps after smaller undergraduate research projects and will typically take place during the academic year.

Work in Montana, Apprenticeship Jobs – A excellent list of apprenticeship opportunities sponsored by the Montana Department of Labor and Industry.

Farm Hands, Nourish the Flathead, Apprenticeships – This is grassroots, community organization founded by farmers, eaters, business leaders & food system planners from around the Flathead Valley. Their interests include ecologically sound, socially just, and economically viable ways of growing food and making it accessible to everyone regardless of income. A variety of Apprentice Programs are available around Montana.

Apprenticeship Programs in Nebraska

Nebraska Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

Beginning Farmers, Diversified Farm Apprenticeships – Robinette Farms is a diversified small-scale family farm located in Martell, Nebraska. The value of an apprenticeship at Robinette Farms is the real-life training for future small-scale farmers. The goal is that apprentices could leave with enough basic experience to start their own operation at some level. The apprenticeship requires long hours and hard work on a daily basis, but also provides the experience of learning the ins and outs of farming.

ABC Cornhusker, Apprenticeships – ABC – Cornhusker wants to help you realize your goal to become a journeyman in your chosen craft. Apprenticeship training gives construction workers a considerable advantage over those trained by informal means such as just “working on the job.”

Rose Theater, Professional Apprenticeship Program – This Omaha Theater Company sponsors a Professional Apprentice Training Program in technical theater. The program provides a practical “hands-on” experience that gives emerging theater artists an opportunity to work directly with designers, technicians, and professionals in their respective fields.

Apprenticeship Programs in Nevada

Nevada Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

Nevada’s Apprenticeship Project – This program offers apprenticeship opportunities to more than 300 apprentices across Nevada, preparing them for high-skilled, hands-on jobs. Opportunities are available in a variety of industries including advanced manufacturing, healthcare and hospitality.

Northern Nevada Apprenticeship Coordinators Association – This organization offers paid apprenticeship programs that include rigorous academics and advanced training for industry-recognized credentials in more than ten building and construction fields.

NV Energy, Apprenticeships – NV Energy offers a wide range of active apprenticeship programs including programs in the lines, substation, metering and gas divisions.

Building and Construction Trades Council of Northern Nevada, Apprenticeships – If you are 17 or older and have a high school diploma or G.E.D*., you can apply for earn-while-you-learn job training in fields like HVAC, plumbing, construction labor, electrical work, painting, welding, sheet metal fabrication, and more. All of the apprenticeship programs offer fair market wages and a comprehensive benefits package. *Some programs allow you to complete your diploma or G.E.D. while in the apprenticeship program.

Apprenticeship Programs in New Hampshire

New Hampshire Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

NH Apprenticeship – This organization sponsors apprenticeships training in New Hampshire’s workforce in information technology, advanced manufacturing, healthcare, construction & infrastructure and hospitality.

Apprenticeship Programs in New Jersey

New Jersey Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

Career Connections NJ, Apprenticeships – Apprenticeship Coordinators will work to help ensure that registered apprentices complete the classroom instruction part of registered apprenticeship and assist in the development of career ladders from high school to registered apprenticeship training and to related collegiate degree programs.

ABC New Jersey, Apprenticeships – ABC New Jersy has approved apprenticeship programs in many of the trade sectors. Their programs are also approved to use the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) curriculum for its related technical instruction.

New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program – The NJMEP sponsors apprenticeships in sectors including technical sales, industrial manufacturing production tech, food industrial manufacturing tech and logistical tech.

Apprenticeship Programs in New Mexico

New Mexico Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

NM Information Technology Apprenticeship Program – NMITAP is the first registered apprenticeship program in the state in high-quality, high-growth careers in information and health technology. Through this program, this organization offers on the job training and related technical instruction. Coming soon to their apprenticeship opportunities is Healthcare and Advanced Manufacturing.

NM Building and Construction Trades Council, Apprenticeships – Collectively the state apprenticeship council and NMBTC work together to provide learning and earning opportunities for New Mexicans that might not have seen productive employment in their future and helping to keep them employed for the duration of their working career.

ABC New Mexico Chapter, Electrical Apprenticeships – ABC NM apprentices attend school 2 nights a week, 2 semesters a year (Fall and Spring) for 4 years. In class, ABC NM instructors teach practical application and theory. In addition, demonstrations and “hands‐on” instruction are conducted on safe and proper methods.

Apprenticeship Programs in New York

New York Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

Pathways to Apprenticeships (NYC) – P2A assists people from low-income communities (including, the formerly incarcerated, people on public assistance, and people living in public housing) to access union construction apprenticeships, which are pathways to safe, secure, middle class careers.

Center for an Urban Future, Tech Apprenticeships NYC – New York City is home to nearly 100 apprenticeship programs today, but the vast majority of them are in the building trades and manufacturing. As the demand for tech talent surges, the city is leveraging the apprenticeship training model to expand pathways into technology careers.

NY6 Instructional Technology Apprenticeship Program – This organization consists of Colgate University, Hamilton College, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Skidmore College, St Lawrence University, and Union College. The ITAP program gives students practical, hands-on, educational technology experiences in an IT environment. The ITAP program is designed for students who are interested in coupling their liberal arts degree with paraprofessional experiences in the field of instructional technology.

New York City Center, Apprenticeships – New York City Center is committed to training the next generation of creative, passionate arts professionals by building pathways to careers in the arts for candidates from underrepresented communities. Their apprenticeship experiences include a nine-month program at City Center, learning about the daily operations of a non-profit performing arts center while working alongside experienced arts administrators.

Williamstown Theatre Festival, Apprenticeship Program – The apprenticeship program is meant to be an on-ramp into the world of the professional theatre and preference is given to candidates who are juniors and seniors in college and to recent college graduates. The WTF Apprentice Program is part of the Actors’ Equity Association Membership Candidate Program (EMC). Apprentices may be able to obtain EMC points for some of their work at the Festival. College credit can be arranged through some academic institutions.

Continuing Education Association of New York, Inc – CEANY is a membership organization whose purpose is to promote and support quality public continuing higher education and the professional development of continuing education professionals. View the PowerPoint presentation in .pdf format to get an insightful and thorough understanding of SUNY focus areas relative to the apprenticeship experience in the State of New York.

Apprenticeship Programs in North Carolina

North Carolina Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

North Carolina Triangle Apprenticeship Program – NCTAP is an apprenticeship program designed to develop experts needed in the modern workforce. The program, based in North Carolina’s Triangle area, focuses on integrated basic training which develops technical, methodological, and social skills. The core training program utilizes a hands-on approach to develop skills across a wide range of disciplines.

Organic Growers School, Apprenticeships – This website will connect people who are serious about learning the sustainable farming trade with farmers who are willing to teach them in an apprenticeship setting. The programs’ emphasis is specifically in the Southern Appalachians, with a focus on farms that participate in local Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training (CRAFT) programs.

North Dakota

North Dakota Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

Dakotas Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee – The Dakotas Area Electrical Apprenticeship and Training Fund (Dakotas JATC) assures that skilled manpower will always be available in the rapidly growing field of electrical contracting. Electrical workers receive training in telecommunications wiring, fiber optics, fire alarms, programmable logic control, power quality, safe job practices, the National Electrical Code and much.

North Dakota Building Trades Union, Apprenticeships – In North Dakota, each one of the building trades unions have extensive training programs. Beginning as an apprentice, each of the trades have its own set training schedule for moving into becoming a journeyman.

Fox Valley Technical College, Apprenticeship Programs – At FVTC, you get high-tech occupational training for the workplace of today, whether you’re preparing for a new career or sharpening your job skills. Explore all of FVTC’s apprenticeship options on their website.

Apprenticeship Programs in Ohio

Ohio Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

Ohio Higher Ed, Apprenticeship Pathways – The Apprenticeship Pathways initiatives advocates for individuals completing apprenticeships by incorporating these experiences into academic credit to provide a pathway to a technical associate’s degree at Ohio’s two-year public colleges. This saves students time and money and encourages them to advance their academic credentials to contribute to a strong, educated workforce.

I Build America Ohio, Apprenticeship Programs – Each apprenticeship occupation has its own standard training outline which details the on-the-job training and classroom instruction required. Use this organization’s interactive map to locate potential apprenticeship opportunities in Ohio.

Ohio Laborers, Apprenticeships – The information on this website will introduce you to the Ohio Laborers Apprenticeship Program, highlight some of the reasons to become an Ohio Laborer, and outline how worry-free the process is to get started in the construction industry.

Ohio Carpenter’s Joint Apprenticeship and Training Program – Launching a career as a union carpenter will place in your hands skills that are in demand in this state’s construction industry. And, you will be part of the strongest and most loyal organization in the country.

Apprenticeship Programs in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

Electrical Training Alliance – In addition to receiving skills training on the job, each apprentice is provided with trade-related classroom training that produces competency and pride that lead to true craftsmanship. Quite often, local training committees provide special classes with hands-on training to support classroom lectures and discussions.

Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma, Apprenticeship Institute – This institute is searching for the next generation of theatre technicians to participate in a hands-on experience of building, rehearsing, and running a production. Technical apprentices will have the opportunity to work with professionals in the field on three of our shows at the Civic Center.

Apprenticeship Programs in Oregon

Oregon Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

Oregon Apprenticeships – Explore this organization’s website for resources and tools to start off on your career pathways.

Build Oregon, Apprenticeship – An apprenticeship is not just a job, it’s an opportunity. Explore this website for opportunities in the construction trades.

Oregon Tradeswomen, Apprenticeship Resources – On this website you will find links to apprenticeship training centers, joint apprenticeship training centers and Unions active in Oregon.

Apprenticeship Programs in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

Wistar Institute, Biomed Tech Lab Apprenticeships – The Philadelphia-based Wistar Institute has launched an apprenticeship program to help the next generation of lab techs learn how to do their jobs while getting paid. It’s part of a state effort to give more workers on-the-job training. Learn more by visiting the link provided.

Pennsylvania Career Link, Registered Apprenticeships – The Pre-Apprentice and Apprenticeship Grant Program is a statewide program which offers assistance to registered apprenticeship programs. The program’s goal is to increase apprenticeship availability to Pennsylvania employers and assist them with their talent recruitment and development. Take some time to review their website information and uncover an apprenticeship opportunity made possible by this grant program. – The Pennsylvania Apprentice Coordinators Association (PACA) was created to promote and improve Registered Apprenticeship Programs throughout the state of Pennsylvania. This website is a resource for potential apprentices and school counselors to research the different trade paths and encourage engagement to a successful career.

Apprenticeship Programs in Rhode Island

Rhode Island Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

Apprenticeship Rhode Island – Apprenticeship Rhode Island is part of the American Apprenticeship Initiative. This national initiative aims to create debt-free paths to skilled career advancement through apprenticeships, doubling the number of apprentices in the US in five years.

RI Builders Association, Apprenticeship Programs – This organization offers two semesters per year in various trade disciplines including (but not limited to) carpentry, craft laborer, electrical, heating ventilation and air conditioning, painting, pipefitting, roofing, sheet metal and sprinkler fitting.

Prepare Rhode Island, Youth Apprenticeships – This organization provides an opportunity for high school seniors to earn while they learn as they embark on a specific career pathway while still in high school. PRIYA students work part-time, take classes that directly relate to their employment experience, and work closely with their employer to coordinate the beginning of a career path while still in high school.

Apprenticeship Programs in South Carolina

South Carolina Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

Charleston Chamber of Commerce, Youth Apprenticeships – Youth Apprenticeship students take high school classes while attending industry-specific courses at Trident Technical College two to three days per week. There are 18 different pathways ranging from Manufacturing to Health and IT to Automotive.

Palmetto Academic and Training Hub, Registered Apprenticeships – A long list (in .pdf format) is provided for you to review and explore the potential apprenticeship opportunities in South Carolina utility trades.

Apprenticeship Programs in South Dakota

South Dakota Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

Building Chapter of South Dakota, Apprenticeship – Apprenticeships in the construction sector include classes are offered twice a week (three hrs. each session). The program is designed to be a four-year program. A member employee can begin the apprenticeship experience at any time because the book work is designed to be self-paced.

Dakota Rural Action, Farm Beginnings – Farm Beginnings is a farmer and rancher-led training and support program … This is the 10th year DRA has offered the Farm Beginnings course in South Dakota … as well as engage in mentorships or apprenticeships with local farmers.

Apprenticeship Programs in Tennessee

Tennessee Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

Full Circle Music Apprenticeship Program, Nashville, TN – This 12-month experience is looking for anyone who is serious about their dream to have a professional career in the music industry and willing to put in an exceptional amount of effort to make it happen.

ABC Greater Tennessee, Apprenticeship Training Program – There are hundreds of contractors/employers in Tennessee looking to hire skilled and entry level craft professionals. Read more about how an apprenticeship in Tennessee construction education may advance your career.

Knoxville Local Apprenticeship Programs – Open this .pdf file to view a long and elaborate list of apprenticeships in the Knoxville area in the trades sector.

Apprenticeship Programs in Texas

Texas Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

Beginning Farmers, Farm Project Apprenticeships – The general responsibilities of the apprentice are to work directly under the supervision of the Farm Manager and Project Director, as a member of our farm crew. The gig is physically demanding farm work involving all aspects of the farm’s production. A once in a lifetime chance to live, work and learn on a farm. A farmer-in-training program for those who wish to gain experience with and knowledge of raising chemical-free vegetables, farm-based educational programming, and community building and outreach.

ABC South Texas, Apprenticeships – As the demand for skilled workers increases in the great state of Texas, this organization offers apprenticeships program in four trades sectors to help meet the increasing need: carpentry, sheet metal, electrical, and plumbing.

Apprenticeship Crosswalks – The Apprenticeship Crosswalks are designed to help Texas community colleges, employers, and training organizations work together to assure college credit for individuals who have completed a registered apprenticeship program. For instance, colleges can use these crosswalks and work within their own college guidelines to provide credit for prior learning for those journeymen who have completed a registered apprenticeship.

Apprenticeship Programs in Utah

Utah Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

Utah Career Center, Construction Apprenticeships – Plumbing, pipefitting, welding and HVAC&R apprenticeship opportunities are available throughout the state of Utah to provide on-the-job-training and the best education possible.

Utah Technology Apprenticeship Program – The Utah Technology Apprenticeship Program is an innovative solution to find talent for Utah’s tech companies. By leveraging strong partnerships between industry and post-secondary education.

Utah Electrical Training Alliance, Apprenticeships – The apprentice learns the skills of the trade through on the job training, working alongside an experienced journeyman who passes on the skills that he or she has learned over the years. In addition to the on the job training the apprentice receives related classroom instruction that produces competency and pride that leads to becoming a true craftsman. They focus on two trades, inside wireman and telecommunications installer/technician.

Apprenticeship Programs in Vermont

Vermont Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

Vermont Childcare Apprenticeship Program – This organization offers an Apprenticeship Program for child care workers seeking education and experience in the field.

Vermont Farm to Plate, Apprenticeship Program – The Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship is the only accredited apprenticeship for farming in the country. Its mission is to provide a guided pathway to independent farm ownership, to develop grazing careers, and to strengthen the economic and environmental well- being of rural communities and the dairy industry.

Apprenticeship Programs in Virginia

Virginia Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

Brookfield Farm, Apprenticeships – Brookfield Farm is a living learning center and becoming an apprentice provides a comprehensive experience of a farm, from the inside out. Apprentices work in all aspects of the farm’s production, from soil preparation to harvest, from tractors to hand hoes, from administration to marketing farm products.

Weathertop Farm Apprenticeships in Virginia – This farm is dedicated to holistic regenerative agriculture through multi-species rotational grazing and intensive management. Weathertop Farm accepts 2-3 apprentices each year for the duration of the May – November season. They seek individuals interested and passionate about preserving sustainable agriculture systems within the local food-shed communities.

UVA Facilities Management Apprenticeship Program – For rising high school juniors and seniors, as you contemplate your path to higher education, perhaps a UVA Apprenticeship would be a consideration. You would receive all the benefits of full-time university employees, as well as competitive pay during the four-year training program. After four years, apprentices have journey-level experience, are eligible to receive a trades-specific license (if applicable), and are qualified and able to perform trade-specific work without supervision.

Apprenticeship Programs in Washington

Washington Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

Washington Building Trades, Apprenticeship Programs – Check out this website for a list of links with descriptions of the different building trades.

Futures NW, Apprenticeships – Use the Apprenticeship Registration and Tracking System (ARTS) for the county where you are living or working. The returns will show you all the programs that cover the specified county, sorted by occupation with the name of the program next to it.

Apprenticeship Programs in West Virginia

West Virginia Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

West Virginia Joint Apprenticeship Programs – This site has a focus on construction apprenticeship because it is the most active career sector area for programs. Use the “Find a Program” page to locate programs by county or by craft.

West Virginia Women Work, Pre-Apprenticeship StepUp – Step Up for Women is a tuition free employment based skilled trades training program designed to prepare adult women for entry level positions in the construction industry and registered apprenticeships.

Sprouting Farms, Apprenticeships – Offering on-the-job apprenticeship on working production farm.

Apprenticeship Programs in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

Organic Vegetable Farm Manager Apprenticeship – Here is the first registered apprenticeship for organic vegetable production in the country. This unique competency-based program provides comprehensive, hands-on training under approved Farmer Educators and paid employment for apprentices interested in taking on farm management positions.

Grass Works, Dairy Graing Apprenticeship – Originating in Wisconsin, this organization offers an innovative dairy farmer training program that began as a GrassWorks initiative, is now an independent organization and its National Apprenticeship, the first accredited career track for farming in the nation, now operates in multiple states.

Wisconsin Electrical Apprenticeship and Training – This organization has two electrical apprenticeship training programs, construction (inside) electrician and installer-technician (voice-data-video). Use the interactive map to find an apprenticeship location near you in the state of Wisconsin.

Apprenticeship Programs in Wyoming

Wyoming Apprenticeship Programs (state government site)

Build Our Wyoming, Apprenticeships – Wyoming has numerous Apprenticeship programs which will continue to assist Wyoming in meeting their need for a skilled workforce. There is a thorough list of trade sectors along with the accompanying sponsoring institution to assist you in your search for an internship opportunity.

Wyoming Electrical, Apprenticeships – The Wyoming Electrical JATC has been registered with the Department of Labor-Office of Apprenticeship since 1965. The JATC program has trained hundreds of Wyoming workers to become licensed journeymen electricians since its creation.